reply 1993

The dilemma of writing is that even though you know your writing is not perfect, that it can be revised forever, and that there are better word choices you have yet to know, the only way to be a better writer is to embrace the imperfection and start to put it down.

It takes me a while to realize I’m very intolerant to ambiguity, and it’s not just a simple remark on my reaction in a single situation; it’s indeed part of my personality. Delving deeper into ELT (or any other disciplines), I was anxious to know that there have been very few Vietnamese equivalent terms to the English jargon.

I recall what my favorite critic talked about a famous Vietnamese poet: he couldn’t reconcile the two manners, casualness and formality. I think I can relate to it on a personal level. I’m struggling to find the appropriate manner that facilitates a healthy and normal face-to-face interaction. At some point, I wonder if it’s the fact that the poet and I both share one thing in common: we are at the turning point of the two eras, and in between the diverging values of different generations.

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