A view from the bottom (2014) by Nguyễn Tân Hoàng


Surprisingly, the author of this book is friend with Nguyen Thanh Viet, the Pulitzer Prize winner with the novel The Sympathizer, and Fan Popo, a Chinese filmmaker whom I followed.

This book criticized the stigma against Asian “bottomhood” (coined by the author) in American queer culture in the 90s, shed light on the interwoven problems of race, gender and sexual preferences among gay community in the US, using different types of materials varying from conversations on Grindr to gay porn.

It seems like to those who grew up in Vietnamese diaspora community, unsatisfactory sex life is their biggest concern, which made this book somehow irrelevant to the life of most gay people in Vietnam. Anyway, this could be a nice read, especially when it has pornographic images which could hardly be found in many other academic works.

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