Love, Simon (2018)


Being gay seems like not a big deal in America, which poses a question to me at the beginning of this 2018 movie: What could be the thing that resists this boy’s temptation come out?

Then I realized that even in the most prominent liberal culture, gay people still share a universal hesitant feeling engendered from the dominance of hetero-normative discourses.

I’ve been thinking about why I haven’t come out yet. Maybe it doesn’t seem fair that only gay people have to come out. Why is straight the default? Maybe because I’m not so sure this whole being gay thing is forever. Or maybe it’s not that much high school left, part of me wants to hold onto who’ve I’ve always been, just a little longer. And then, when I go to college in Los Angeles, I’ll be gay and proud. I promise. (Simon)

We’ve even got to talk about our sexual orientation before moving on with relationships and other socialization activities; Or else, we will definitely still face with the personal questions of our favorite types of partner or some straight guys’ babbles about female bodies. It’s the homo sapiens agenda.

Coming out becomes a pretty serious event, for it reverses almost all the conception that people have about us. Both kinds of reaction, sympathizing and disapproving, are just too tiring to watch. Why the hell Simon’s father cries? He reminds me of my elder sister who did cry when I passively came out.

Every gay guy who decides to come out must embrace the possibility that we could be somehow lonely, for most people can no longer say “I know how it feels” when they listen to our problems.

This is obviously a coming-of-age movie, for it has a happy ending. In reality, Blue could be a fat and bald guy, not that hot dude. I lost my hope in blind date long time ago.

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